Paperplanes can make Long Beach feel like Lubbock” – OC Weekly.

“Paperplanes, who put out one of the best country albums in the county last year.”- LA RECORD

“Paperplanes first changed from singer/guitarist Micah Panzich’s home-tracked Guided By Voices-style project to a formidable live rock & roll band and then—emerged as real-deal true-blue “beer-here!” John Prine-Merle Haggard-Jerry Jeff Walker-Jimmy Dale Gilmore outlaws” – OC WEEKLY

…here is Rhinestone Republic now with one humble honest hour that’s easily the best I’ve heard so far this short year… DISTRICT WEEKLY

…Paperplanes seem to have found a solid stomping ground to perfect their foray into the blossoming alt-country scene… OC WEEKLY

..twangy Bakersfield guitars, honky tonk rhythms and heartfelt lyrics of loss, escape and addiction coalesce into something undeniably authentic… GROUND CONTROL MAGAZINE