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The G Burns Jug Band specializes in the very finest of old American musics. The Burns’ repertoire mixes the tunes of classic Louisville and Memphis jug bands, north Georgia fiddlers, Texas songsters, and early Country music. With their unique instrumentation, the Burns’ sound combines the virtuosity and power of a bluegrass band, the rich colors of early jazz, and the unbridled joy of the great hillbilly string bands.

Based in San Diego, the G Burns Jug Band is led by multi-instrumentalist and proud Kentuckian Clinton Davis, who grew up hearing jug band music in its birthplace of Louisville. Moving out west at the age of 23, he brought with him the sounds of jug bands, string bands, and tent revivals from home, and began absorbing the sounds of an old southwest. With the expert help of fiddlin’ Batya MacAdam-Somer, accordionist Meghann Welsh, tuba-ist Jonathan Piper, and washboardist Sean Conway, the G Burns Jug Band cuts across the landscape in search of older joys to be made new.

Clinton Davis, guitar, tenor banjo, vocals
Batya MacAdam-Somer, fiddle, vocals
Meghann Welsh, accordion, vocals
Jonathan Piper, tuba
Sean Francis Conway, percussion, vocals