Cliff Wagner & The Old #7

Cliff Wagner & The Old #7 are a band like nothing you have never heard. Mixing Bluegrass, Blues and Honky Tonk in a way that has audiences on their feet. Cliff and the other members of The Old #7 are taking American Roots Music to the next level, and the fans are following.

The Old #7 gained nation wide exposure on FOX TVs “The Next Great American Band” and played to over 10 million people each week. Originally the show’s judges insisted that the general public would not accept a “Bluegrass” band and the Old #7 would have a short stay on the show. They not only appeared on six of the final shows but finished 7th out of 8,000 bands who originally tried out for the show. This was due to the huge number of fans who showed their support each week by voting to keep Cliff Wagner on the show.