Beard & Mustache Contest Signups Now Open!

Are you ready for some of the most amazing beards this side of the Mississippi? In our 5th competition, the LB Folk Revival Festival is THE place to flaunt that facial hair and go for fortune & glory in one of our 6 categories! Gents, it is time to grow out that stache, or brush out that bushy beard and get ready to compete! Don’t worry ladies, we have a category for you too! Craft a beard and you can also enter in the “Wiskerina” beard competition. This is a great contest for amateurs and pros alike and with all the great music and atmosphere it sure is a lot of fun. Grand champion of the contest gets 2 tickets to Catalina & other prizes from our sponsors!

Ready to compete? Here are the categories and you can sign up here:

Competition Categories

Papa Beard (Full Beard over 6 inches)
The beard appears as it grows naturally. The more natural the better! The moustache may not be highlighted. The beard may not be curled under at the bottom! 
No styling aids permitted.

Baby Beard (Full Beard 6 inches and under)
The beard appears as it grows naturally. The more natural the better! The moustache may not be highlighted. The beard may not be curled under at the bottom! 
No styling aids permitted.

Double Dapper (Full Beard with Styled Mustache)
Full beard, any length, with distinct styled stache.
 Styling aids are permitted.
 The beard appears as it grows and left natural, the more natural the better and of course no styling aids in those beards.

Not All There (Partial Beard)
This category is for anyone that has facial hair that doesn’t fit into any other area (goatee, sideburns, chops, etc)

Beer Soakin’ Moustache (Natural Mustache) 
Moustache as it grows and left natural. The more natural the better. No closed curls. The moustache may be maintained but without styling aids. No styling aids permitted.

Dapper Stache (Styled Mustache) 
Like to “do up” your stache? Then this category is for you! Styling aids are permitted.

Whiskerina (For the ladies)
This is for the ladies. Show what the good lord neglected to give you and show us what could have been. Pick a theme for your beard or mustache – creativity is key. Judges will look at craftsmanship, creativity, and overall appearance when voting on the best Whiskerina competitors.

Contest Rules:

  1. Each contestant must appear before the pre-judges in order to determine whether he qualifies for his chosen category.
  2. Contestants in categories where styling aids are not permitted should not use any styling aids whatsoever between their appearance before the pre-judges and the conclusion of the competition. Violations of this rule will result in disqualification.
  3. All contestants in each category will be presented to the panel of judges as a group. The judges will reveal the scores for each contestant openly.
  4. Each judge will award each contestant a score of from 5 to 10 points. Possible scores include 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, etc.
  5. Each judge may award the scores 10, 9.5 and 9 to only one contestant in each category.
  6. In case of a tie in one of the first three places, there will be a re-vote among the judges to break the tie.
  7. Complaints about the judges’ decisions are not acceptable and will result in disqualification.
  8. Prize(s) will be awarded to the top scorer in each category.
  9. By participating in the competition, all contestants agree without limitation that they may be photographed and that their voices may be recorded and that all such photographs and recordings may be published.
  10. A maximum of 15 contestants per category only.

Important notes:

  1. Styling aids include, for example, mustache/hair wax, hair spray, hair lacquer, hair gel, styling foam, etc. – Hair dye is absolutely prohibited in the natural categories.
  2. Natural beards shall be and shall look natural. The more natural the better.
  3. The beard also should be distinct from the head hair and not integrated with it.